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Bir Billing, Palampur

Bir Billing - A Must Have & Lifetime Experience in Himachal

The aspiration to touch the horizons and beyond has always remained with mankind for the longest possible time. This aspiration to touch the skies has birthed many marvels, including the aviation and space exploration sector. 

However, the exploits have not been restricted to only these areas. Instead, it is channelled in other areas too, such as adventure sport where the joy of flying exists in its raw and adulterated form. Between you and the machine, there is no restriction and no other domain at all. In the world of adventure sports, this can be done through parachute drops or gliders.

Bir Billing
Bir Billing



Today one of the most popular adventure sports is paragliding, and for this, the best place in India is Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh. The place is also incidentally India’s second-highest paragliding spot. The place has many Tibetan monasteries, small cafes and tea gardens. A typical Shimla-Bir Billing Paragliding Tour Package contains all the known places around this dreamy yet beautiful place.

Best Time to Visit

At high altitude, the best time to visit is during the summer season and the monsoon as well. Although, tourists start pouring in the middle of the winters up until the latter half of February. That is mostly because snow covers the entire place throughout the season. The thick layering of snow also causes frequent issues in travelling and commutation, but one you are there everything else takes a backseat. 

Important Places to Visit

Apart from Billing, other important places include the various Tibetan monasteries there are lots of small cafes and other places of interest. You can even have your little shopping spree at the local shops and buy interesting souvenirs.

In terms of food and general vibe as well the place has its unique charm and offers a plethora of Tibetan, Chinese and other continental delicacies.

Nearest airport

Chandigarh Airport (IXC)

Nearest Railway station

Pathankot Railway station

Nearest Bus Stand

HRTC Bus Stand, Plampur

Best time to visit Bir Billing

March to June

Bir Billing Paragliding
Bir Billing Paragliding
The Takeoff

Paragliding begins at Billing, which is at a higher altitude and has a ramp for takeoff. Since it is at a higher altitude, often transportation can face issues as roads are stuck and covered under a thick blanket of snow. Regardless, it is always a fun trek to Billing which is almost 7 km away, and the trek itself roughly notches up to two hours.

Gliders take off from the ramp at Billing and head onto the landing site on the other side of valleys. However, more experienced gliders have glided from Billing to Dalhousie! The experience in itself cannot be surmised in any fewer words than magical. Once you are in the sky, the entire landscape of Bir Billing appears to be so much mightier Himalayas tower it. It truly is, when viewed from above, nature at its aesthetic best!

The Bottom Line 

It is important to understand that the entire idea of visiting a beautiful hill station lies in its rich culture and heritage. The more you explore its nuances, the more you are mesmerized by its charm. A place like Bir Billing ranks as one of the best and most charming places that you will ever visit.

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