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7 Best Travel Apps for iPhone Users

March 11, 2013 admin

The new generation smartphones have opened way to many possibilities. iPhone is one such smartphone which not only handles many details  but comes with tremendous power in terms of application and usability.

Travel apps for iPhone can come real handy. They can help you plan a vacation, get organized and help you search anything while traveling in real time.  Here are 7 best travel apps for iPhone for frequent fliers and those who plan their trips impromptu.


1. Tripadvisor: This is a very good travel app for the last minute travelers. This app allows you to see all the reviews about hotels and restaurants, and you can easily book hotels by using this app.

2. Skype: This app is good for keeping you connected with your friends and family whenever you are traveling somewhere. So this is a very good app for those who are always on the go.

3. TripIt: This app requires you to open an account in You can forward all the details regarding your flight, hotel bookings, travel agent details, etc. So, this iPhone app allows you to save all the details in your mobile. You will require a data connection to gain access to your booking details.

4. Yelp: This app allows you to find business details in the new city that you are visiting. You can look for a hotel, pub, or even a dentist. The best thing is that you can read reviews of different people about the services and other things.

5. AroundMe: This app locates your current position automatically and lists the important places, hotels, restaurants, and other important things nearby. This is good for travelling within the country only as this app requires data connection.

6. OffMaps: When you travel in some new country or city, you have trouble finding addresses and directions. This app allows you to download the map of the city that you are travelling, and you can then use this map even while you are offline. This app can be downloaded at a price of $ 1.99 only.

7. Urbanspoon: This is an app which helps you select a restaurant the fun way. The restaurants are arranged like a slot machine, and you can easily find restaurants nearby. If you search any restaurant near your locality and lock it. Then you need to shake the iPhone. This app randomly selects the cuisine and the restaurant.


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