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Shimla Manali Tour Packages by HPTT

Shimla and Manali is very popular and most visited Destination of Himachal Pradesh. This Shimla Manali Tour package is specially customized for Complete Himachal Tour. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Queen of Hills Shimla and mesmerizing views of Kullu & Manali Valley.

Are you one of those people that prefers to spend their vacations in hill towns? If you answered yes, then North India, particularly Himachal Pradesh, provides the perfect places for you. Shimla and Manali, two of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, are brimming with natural beauty. The Magnificent Shimla Manali Tour is the ideal way to get the most out of these hill stations.

About Shimla Manali Tour Package

With a customised Shimla Manali Tour Package, you can get a wholesome traveling experience. When you get an opportunity to take a break from the chaotic life, you should embrace it with open arms. Shimla offers a beautiful and serene atmosphere for nature lovers.  The combination of Shimla Manali is a big wow,  you’ll experience art, culture and beauty of mountains. 
Shimla and Manali both places offer a wonderful experience. With the customised Shimla Manali itinerary, you’ll get to travel to many locations without any kind of stress. Shimla Kullu Manali is a perfect excape for your memorable holidays in Himalayas.

Best and Ideal Time For Your Shimla Manali Tour Package

Shimla Manali Tour In Summer Season

The best an ideal opportunity to appreciate these objections to the fullest is throughout the late spring a long time of Spring to June. The climate during these months is cool and charming which is ideal for touring and other open air exercises. Appreciate experience exercises like paragliding, climbing, traveling, and setting up camp during the long periods of Summer. A portion of the significant celebrations are commended like Holi, Baisakhi, and Sipi Reasonable during Summer.

Shimla Manali Tour In Winter Season

Nonetheless, a couple of travelers additionally prefer to visit during October and November to beat the groups and appreciate the crisp climate of these slope stations. See the sights of snow-clad mountains in the cold weather months, and appreciate exercises like skiing, ice-skating, and snow-boarding throughout the cold weather months. One can observer numerous energetic and bright celebrations like Diwali, Bhoj Reasonable, Ice-skating Festival, and Christmas.

Shimla Manali Tour In Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season starts in July and stays till September. The spot gets weighty to direct precipitation, during these months touring becomes troublesome and the spot is inclined to avalanches. Visiting Shimla in Rainstorm isn’t viewed as the best an ideal opportunity to visit. The Shimla Manali visit is intended to give you a general encounter of the Himachal towns. With a rugged sight and at any point pretty scene, every town has its own appeal and basically exhibits the jewels they are. At the point when you book occasion bundles to Shimla Manali, would you know the genuine magnificence there is. The attractions are likewise magnificent enough to clear a path for a heavenly excursion for you. These spots are best appreciated throughout the cold weather months when snow falls over the land and it makes it incredibly lovely – the perspectives and the time.

Best time for your Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package

Shimla-Manali is accessible at any time of year. The magnificent Himachal Pradesh hill stations have pleasant weather throughout the year, making it difficult to choose the optimum time to visit Shimla-Manali. Summers provide relief from the heat and are ideal for a relaxed vacation, whereas winters bring snow and the excitement of adventure sports.

The rainy season is the one time to avoid planning a Shimla-Manali travel itinerary (months from July to September).