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Leh Ladakh Trip Package from Delhi & Manali

Leh Ladakh Trip Prices & Cost

No of Pax Standard Deluxe Meal Plan
6 Pax 25,000/- 28,600/ Breakfast & Dinner
11 Pax 20,500/- 22,400/- Breakfast & Dinner
16 Pax 17,250/- 16,600/- Breakfast & Dinner

How To Do a Leh Ladakh Trip

The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport located in Leh. This airport is just 3.8 km away from the main city. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is well connected with many international airports in India like Delhi. It also receives flights from Srinagar, Jammu, Chandigarh, and other common destinations in India.


There are two road routes to Leh Ladakh- one through Manali in Himachal Pradesh and the second one through Srinagar. Ladakh is 434 km from Srinagar and 494 km from Manali.

You cannot reach Ladakh directly by train as there is no train station in Ladakh. The nearest railway station is Jammu Jammu Tawi (700 km from Ladakh) which is well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. You can hire a cab or board a JKSRTC bus to reach Ladakh from Jammu.

Things to do on Leh Ladakh Trip

A ride on the double-humped Bactrian Camels at the sand dunes of Hunder is number three on our list of things to do in Ladakh for its terrain along the breathtakingly beautiful Shyok and Nubra River. This is an integral part of the caravans that used to travel on the ancient trade route.

One of the unique Ladakh attractions is the Maggi point at the highest cafeteria in the world. You may have eaten this noodle everywhere possible, but you have not truly enjoyed it till you savor the 2-minute noodle overlooking the Himalayan ranges at Khardung La Pass, one of the highest motorable passes in the world. 

 While connecting with the tourists and the locals on your trip is fun, but nothing can beat the magical aura of these Buddhist monks in the valleys of Ladakh who can be seen roaming around and meditate at the monasteries. 

To all the adrenaline junkies out there, a bike ride on the narrow & rocky terrains has to be on your list of adventurous things to do in Ladakh. Your trip is incomplete until you have driven the lonely but beautiful roads on a motorbike with nothing but the clouds above and the formidable mountains around. And if you are really in the spirit then drive to the Khardung-La pass, which at an altitude of 5,602 m is one of the highest motorable passes in the world. 

You might have had chai on every other place in the country, but when in Ladakh you have to try out the local Butter tea, and if you are in for a good time then try out Chang, the local brew made in a cylindrical porcelain pot by fermenting miller. 

Why Leh Ladakh Trip?


There is something magical about Ladakh. It is a mystic land that draws tourists with its charm, rich cultural heritage, and unreal natural beauty. The snow-covered peaks, glistening lakes, gushing rivers, scenic valleys, colourful gompas, magnificent flora, and fauna–Ladakh is a piece of paradise on earth. 

  •  One Of The Highest Telescopes In The World
  •  Highest Bridge In The World
  •  The Highest Settlement Region In The Country
  •  The Highest Altitude Field Of The World
  •  The Rare Twin Humped Bactrian Camel

Tourist Attraction In Leh Ladakh

Pangong Tso lake found fame thanks to Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots so without a doubt, this place deserves to be on your itinerary of places to visit in Ladakh. Pack a sweet picnic basket and head with your folks to the lake and maybe even camp next to it as you enjoy every moment of peace and tranquillity.

This 12-storey complex hosts over 500 monks and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in all of Ladakh. For Ladakh sightseeing, Thiksey Gompa will enlighten you with knowledge about some of the Buddhist culture, lifestyle, scriptures, statues and even paintings.

This 12-storey complex hosts over 500 monks and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in all of Ladakh. For Ladakh sightseeing, Thiksey Gompa will enlighten you with knowledge about some of the Buddhist culture, lifestyle, scriptures, statues and even paintings.

Rent a Himalayan and go nuts on the road to Khardung-la pass. The pass is a gateway to the Nubra as well as Shyok valley and is one of the most elevated motorable terrains worldwide. Interestingly, the roads were opened in 1988 for vehicles to pass through. Cruisers and Himalayans considered to be the best means to travel here, to experience the rugged beauty of the journey.

If camping is your thing then you won’t find a better spot than at the Markha valley in Ladakh! You can trek up to some amazing sites such as Markha, Skiu and Hankar for starters. Once you reach the summit, you can unwind with some lovely tents, bonfire and make friends with strangers. Quite the deal, don’t you think?

Welcome to Leh-Ladakh


Planning to visit Leh Ladakh? We got Leh-Ladakh Tour Packages for you. Once in a lifetime, one must opt for a Leh Ladakh Tour and Travel Experience.

Best time to Visit Leh Ladakh

The best an ideal time to visit Ladakh is in the late spring, from the finish of Spring to the center of August. The start of April is when life in Ladakh starts to skip back after a long hard winter. The glow of the sun gets back to dissolve away the snow and inhale new life into individuals, plants and creatures of this district. The mean temperature during the long stretch of April wanders from a high of 16°C to lows of - 1°C. The warm temperatures condense the frozen Pangong and Moriri lakes adding to the all around excellent scene.

May to mid-June is the point at which the temperature rises further with the lows settling at around 5°C. This is typically when the Rohtang leave opens behind adding a component of experience should you pick a bicycle trip from Manali to Leh as a feature of HPTT Ladakh visits implied explicitly for bold twenty to thirty year olds. July to September is the point at which the temperatures are most elevated with highs floating during the twenties and lows of around 5 - 10°C making this without a doubt the best an ideal opportunity to visit. This is likewise when the Hemis Celebration honoring the introduction of Padmasambhava the organizer of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism is held.

These festivals are vigorous, energetic and an unquestionable requirement on your Ladakh trip with HPTT. Explore Leh Ladakh Tour Packages with HPTT. October is when snowfall starts, and winter slides on the valleys of Ladakh and keeps going till February. Temperatures start to consistently plumett arriving at lows of up to - 13°C during the pinnacle of winter in mid-Feb. This is the best an ideal opportunity to attempt the Chadar journey as the Ladakhi desert is covered with snow making your Ladakh occasion an excursion to a colder time of year wonderland.