Palampur, Himachal Pradesh – The story of Palampur Village


Palampur, Himachal Pradesh | The story of the village Palampur

It is the story of village palampur that has brought this tiny village to the world’s attention! Located in the beautiful hilly terrain of Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, it derives the name from the word ‘pulum’ meaning ‘plentiful water’.

The Picturesque Palampur in the Himachal - Hotels in Palampur

What Is So Special About The Place?

Every kind of tourist, be it a domestic or a foreign tourist, yearns to visit palampur himachal Pradesh. Widely popular for the lush green aromatic tea gardens, it boasts several places to visit in Palampur such as its colonial-era architectural temples.

Farming And Agriculture Are The Life-Lines

Palampur - A Complete Travel Guide & Itinerary - Vargis Khan

Apart from the picturesque landscapes of the village, the simple question of what the main production activity in palampur village is is something that every curious visitor wants to know. The answer is – farming and agriculture are the village’s main activities. A whopping 75 percent of the population depends on them.

Interestingly, the presence of innumerable water bodies, brooks, and streams has aided in tea plantations. You can even have a look at tea manufacturing procedures by visiting Palampur Tea Cooperative premises. It involves a travel distance of around 1.5 km from Kangra Road. 

Why Is It A Perfect Break From the Grind Of Daily Life?

When people choose a package like Dharamshala to palampur, they are smitten to see the flourishing small-scale industries such as clothing or jiggery. Not only this, people can be seen engaged in poultry farming and selling dairy products as well.

These are some of the activities people hardly witness in their city life. This prompts them to go for Delhi to palampur journey. For some, such breaks act as a perfect stress reliever.

The absence of the maddening crowd in and around the place gives a very tranquil and serene ambiance. This explains why alternatives, like Chandigarh to palampur travel, are worth it for many. It permits them to unwind and relax. Consequently, they end up feeling rejuvenated to deal with the daily drill of life afresh!

Adventure Enthusiasts Are Madly In Love With The Place

Of late, palampur himachal pradesh has become the preferred destination for people with a flair for adventure sports. For instance, you can choose from a wide number of treks such as Palampur to Kangra or Dharamsala. The most popular trek is Baijnath-Manali which gives the adventure-seekers the high of their lifetime! The months of May to October are the ideal time for trekking in this region.

Do Not Miss The Popular Tourist Spots

Some of the most popular spots worth visiting include Tashi Jong Monastery, Neugal Khad, Andretta Pottery, Norbulingka Institute, and more.

Reaching Palampur Has Become A Cat-Walk!

PLMX/Palampur Himachal Railway Station Map/Atlas NR/Northern Zone - Railway  Enquiry

All major cities around the region are connected by road travel. You can find both state-owned buses as well as private vehicles.

Dharamsala Kangra Airport is the nearest in the vicinity and it takes around one hour to reach Palampur.

The Palampur Railway Station has regular train services from all major tourist arrival locations.

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