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Art Galleries of Himachal Pradesh Showcasing Rare Paintings

July 24, 2012 admin

The beautiful land of Himachal Pradesh is dotted with several art galleries that showcase contemporary art and original paintings. The rich historical and cultural heritage of the state is preserved in these art galleries.

The art galleries offer a peep into Himachal’s past and enable us to know about the historical events associated with the state. The famous miniature paintings of the region can also be seen on your visit to the most renowned art galleries of Himachal Pradesh. Recall the history of Himachal Pradesh by visiting the famous art galleries mentioned here.

Kangra Art Gallery
Situated in Dharamshala’s Kotwali Bazaar, the Kangra art gallery houses a remarkable collection of arts, crafts, artifacts, costumes and other treasures that date back to the 5th century. Tourists on visiting this art gallery will be delighted to find an array of famous paintings, woodcarvings and tribal jewellery.

Items on display – The famous items on display at the Kangra art gallery include sculptures, pottery, anthropological items, Shamianas and pandals.

Inaugurated in 1990, the renowned art gallery also displays collections of coins and manuscripts. A section in the Kangra art gallery has been specially set aside to display the works of contemporary artists, sculptures and photographers. Visitors can visit the Kangra art gallery any time from Tuesday to Sunday.

A picture from Kangra Art Gallery


Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery
Roerich art gallery lies in Naggar, Kullu district of Himachal. This famous art gallery is a major attraction for several enthusiastic painters, who want to recollect the history of Himachal Pradesh. The Roerich art gallery houses a unique collection of exquisite paintings of ancient times.

History – The art gallery has been named after a well known Russian painter, who returned to India following the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. The art work of the Russian painter and his son has been displayed at the Nicholas Roerich art gallery. The drawings of the beautiful landscapes of striking Himalayan mountain ranges in the form of paintings have been portrayed in the art gallery. Photographs of the Russian painter along with photos of important personalities of India have been put on display at the Roerich art gallery.

Visitors can take a trip to this famous art gallery from 9 am to 1 pm on any day. The art gallery is open again from 2 pm to 5 pm. Tourists will have to pay Rs 10 as entry fee.

Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery

Sobha Singh Art Gallery
This well known art gallery is situated close to the cottage of renowned painter Sobha Singh. The painter is famous for his artistic skills and has been immensely awarded for this. Sobha Singh was conferred the prestigious Padam Shri in recognition for his paintings. Painting lovers are sure to get delighted on seeing the works of art displayed at the gallery. Visitors will find special paintings of well known religious figures such as Sri Krishna, Sheikh Farid, the ten Gurus of the Sikh religion, Jesus Christ and Sri Rama. The harmonious blend of colors in Singh’s paintings draws several visitors to the art gallery.

A tour to the art galleries can add excitement to your historical tour of Himachal Pradesh. The rich legacy of the state is clearly reflected in art galleries of the state. Your tour to Himachal Pradesh will be incomplete without visiting famous art galleries in Himachal.

Sobha Singh at work

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