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Lakshmi Narayan Temple – The Divine Temple

Lakshmi Narayan Temple – The Divine Temple


Currently as the main religious retreat of Chamba, Lakshmi Narayana Temple was built by Sahil Varman around the 10th century AD. Like some other famous temple of the place, this again is a Shikhara style temple. The temple has a Bimana(Shikhara) and a GarbhGriha with a small antralya. To refuge it from the snow ridden local climatic conditions, wooden Chhattries and shell roof were made. The temple owns several other temples within its complex. The temple of Radha Krishna, Shiva Temple of Chandergupta and Gauri Shankar Temple are among these.

How to visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple
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Why visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple

The temple and its premises lend peace to a restless mind and heart.

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