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Atal Tunnel 016

10 Reasons Why Rohtang Needed Atal Tunnel Long Time Ago

10 Reasons Why Rohtang Needed Atal Tunnel Long Time Ago

Atal Tunnel 016 ,

10 Reasons Why Rohtang Needed Atal Tunnel Long Time Ago

Rohtang tunnel is another name of the Atal Tunnel. Located above 10000 feet, it is the longest highway tunnel in the world. The 9-kilometre-long tunnel runs beneath the PirPanjal range, named after the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation stone of this tunnel on June 28th, 2010. It was inaugurated by the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 3rd, 2020. Many critics and journals claimed that the Atal tunnel should have been there ten years ago. Below mentioned are the ten reasons behind it. 


  • The strategic importance: 

Atal Tunnel 026
Atal Tunnel, Source: Facebook


The Atal Tunnel was initiated in the year 1990 with the hope of reducing the between Manali and Leh by 46 kilometers. Primarily it used to be only the Rohtang pass was the only way located at the height of 13,050 feet, and the journey would take around five hours. The Atal tunnel cane as a blessing to the people of Lahaul and Spiti Valley, who remain disconnected from the rest of the world due to heavy snowfall, can now afford connectivity anytime. 


  • Time-saving:

Atal Tunnel 022
Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


The Atal tunnel reduces the distance by 46 kilometers; thus, a former 4 to 5 hours of a journey can now be covered within 15 minutes. 


  • Accessibility: 

Atal Tunnel 017
Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


As per the views of BRO, which is the Border Roads Organization and army people, it is now possible to keep the route of Lahaul and Pangi valleys open all year round. The BRO also claimed the road could also be used after a snow clearance time during the winter season. 


  • Flourished tourism: 

Atal Tunnel 019
The Other Side of Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


It now expected the tourism industry to spill over into the Keylong region after the covid pandemic passes. With the rise of traffic in a few years, it is expected that Sissu will look like Kullu Manali, which is a plus point. 


  • Easy Conveyance: 

Atal Tunnel 018
The Other Side of Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


With the Atal tunnel, it is expected to save the cars and trucks’ time from a three hour of haul over Rohtang pass. The Atal tunnel will not affect the military preparedness of the armies of both Chinese and Pakistan borders. 


  • Better Agricultural communication: 

Atal Tunnel
Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


The people of Lahaul and Ladakh will be hugely benefited from the tunnel’s opening. Before the tunnel, the trucks carrying crops like peas, potatoes, and apples needed 11 to 12 hours to travel from Manali to Leh. Now with the Atal tunnel, the time has been reduced by 3 hours. 


  • Surge of tourism business at Lahaul: 

Atal Tunnel 020
Sissu, Source: Twitter


With the Atal tunnel now open, it is expected a considerable tourist inflow at the Lahaul region during the summer season. This will raise the economy of the Lahaul region. 


  • Prospect: 

Atal Tunnel 021
Atal Tunnel, Source: Twitter


During winter, the route via Srinagar to Kargil remains dysfunctional due to heavy snowfall. Now that the Atal tunnel has been built will be the only route that will prevent snow blockage. 


  • Safe transport: 

Atal Tunnel 024
Atal Tunnel, Source: Facebook


The authorities ensure total security within the tunnels with various safety features. The tunnel is equipped with an auto incident direction system and CCTV cameras after every 250 meters destined for safety. 


  • Speed: 

Atal Tunnel 025
Atal Tunnel, Source: Facebook


The Atal tunnel is designed to handle 80 km per hour, which is pretty good. Atal tunnel can also handle a considerable amount of traffic density ranging from 1500 trucks per day to 3000 cars per day. 


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